Why Diets Just Don’t Work

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Why diets don’t work

Diets are one of the methods used by people to lose weight. There are a myriad of diets, which claim to produce weight loss. Let’s look at this more closely. The aim of most diets is to result in weight loss, but is this the same as fat loss?

These diets may result in weight loss, but it is quite possible that lean tissue (muscle) will form part of the weight lost. Loss of lean tissue can result in slowing down of the metabolism.

There are more calories burnt in maintaining muscle than there are in maintaining body fat. Another factor to be considered is that diets generally are restrictive by nature. They may involve restricting your food intake or omitting foods completely. This process cannot be sustained for a long period of time and so weight is regained soon after the diet has finished. The term ‘yo-yo diet’ has emerged from this, as it describes the decrease and increase in weight experienced by serial dieters.

The fact that diets are not sustainable and do not result in just fat loss is an indication that they do not work. In order to achieve a reduction in body fat (weight loss) a combination of exercise (resistance and cardiovascular based) with a varied eating plan is needed.

The exercise will help to maintain your lean tissue as well as burn fat, while your eating plan should focus on reduced portion sizes of good nutritious food.  It is important to be consistent with your exercise and eating plan, which will lead to sustainable results.

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