Top 5 Reasons To Add Stretching To Your Training Regime

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Stretching should be an integral part of any workout program. As we age our bodies naturally become less limber and more susceptible to injury. We can go a long way to slowing and even reversing that process with a good stretching program.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should include stretching in your workout program:

  1. Better Posture – Stretching the muscles in your legs, shoulders and upper back will keep your back in proper alignment meaning better posture.
  2. Better Circulation – Stretching allows for more efficient transportation of nutrients around the body, enhancing the circulation of blood throughout your body.
  3. Stress Relief – Stretching can relieve tense muscles, this is not only better for relaxation but also stops starvation of oxygen and nutrients to overly tight muscles.
  4. Sense of Wellbeing – Knowing that you are flexible and in control of your body can significantly increase your feeling of well being.
  5. Reduce or Prevent Lower Back Pain – adequately flexible hamstrings, hip flexors and muscles that attach to the pelvis will reduce the amount of strain on the lumbar spine which will go a long way to reducing or preventing lower back pain